Have A Cookies and Bake Sale

Having a Cookie and Bake Sale is an easy way to raise awareness and funds for research into finding a cure for children’s cancer. You can hold one or as many as you would like. We’ll guide you though the entire process and welcome your efforts and ideas. 

Do you like to party? Having a local Cookie and Bake Sale is some work, but it will be fun and very rewarding too. 

Here’s how it works:
Select a date for your Cookie and Bake Sale. It should coincide with a local street fair, sporting event or other already scheduled community gathering. Or it can be as simple as a table at other high-traffic locations like office building lobbies or cafeterias, food markets or farmers’ markets. You may need to obtain permits to set up your table at some locations. 

Contact us about 45 days in advance of your event to coordinate the shipment of your free promotional materials for a successful Cookie and Bake sale. We’ll send you posters, postcards, brochures, flyers, labels, stickers, and receipt slips, without any cost, thanks to our Corporate Angels. We will also give you access to our online graphics and documents library that you can use to generate even more promotional materials at your location. 

About 14 days in advance of your sale, you should consider what items you, your family and friends will be willing to bake and donate to the sale. Also, start placing your advertising materials around town and building community awareness of your event. 

One week before your Cookie and Bake Sale we will ship you 25 packages of one dozen cookies to sell at your Cookie and Bake Sale. Our professionally baked and packaged cookies will sell fast, so be sure to have enough of your donated, home-baked goods to sell as well. 

When your Cookie and Bake Sale is over, complete our simple after-sale sheet and send us a check with your event proceeds payable to Cookies for a Cure. 100% of the profits from your cookie sales as well as any funds that you raise will be sent directly to those hospitals and organizations that conduct research into finding a cure for children’s cancer. We are proud that our promise to distribute 100% of your funds to research is backed by the generosity of our Corporate Angels, who cover all of our operating expenses. Be sure to upload photos and news briefs about your event to our blog page. 

For more information or to register your Cookie and Bake Sale please feel free to contact us.

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