Become a Corporate Angel

Are you the owner of a company or a businessperson? You can support Cookies for a Cure by donating to our Cookie Jar fund. Our Cookie Jar fund is used to cover the daily operating expenses of Cookies For a Cure. Your generosity and sponsorship allows us to follow our mission to deliver 100% of cookie sale profits and cash donations to those hospitals and institutions that conduct research into finding a cure for children’s cancer. 

Our Cookie Jar fund gratefully accepts: 

            Donations of cash that can be used directly in our organization for operational expenses. Cash may be given as a onetime gift, or an ongoing plan to support Cookies For a Cure on a monthly or quarterly basis. We will also accept any item or asset that can be liquidated to generate cash, such as vehicles. 

You can also donate the resources of your organization to spread the word about Cookies For a Cure in many ways: 

            Does your company routinely mail invoices or statements? We will give you printed inserts about our organization and mission that you can put into your invoice envelopes and routine mailings. These inserts would receive a free ride to reach your customers. Your kindness to include these inserts would in effect cost you nothing but the time to include them when stuffing your envelopes. In consideration of your generosity, we will put your company name and logo on the insert as one of our Corporate Angels. 

            Do you own a restaurant? Why not sponsor a night where a percentage of your evening’s sales are donated to Cookies For a Cure? We will support you with free inserts that you may use in your check presenters in the preceding weeks to generate interest. The inserts will designed with you in mind and will carry the message of your personal dedication to finding a cure for children’s cancer. Why not fill your restaurant on an off-night while supporting a good cause? 

            Does your company conduct telemarketing? You can dedicate one hour a week for an employee to make calls on behalf of Cookies For a Cure to build awareness of our organization and mission. Calls could easily be made as we will give you the contacts and the scripts to arrange for free advertising (public service announcements) for daily radio shows or to arrange on-air interviews with our President/CEO. 

For more information or to become a Corporate Angel please feel free to contact us.

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